Accelerated Multi-Engine Ratings for $2,550



The Aztec….a true “Pickup Truck of the Skies”. Come to Traverse City to fly and to have fun. Bring the entire family and enjoy our award winning city. Earn your multi-engine rating in as little as two days. All training is done in our PA23-250 complete with a Garmin 530W and two Garmin G5s. You will appreciate the forgiving nature of this light twin as you are introduced to multi-engine performance and procedures.


Accelerated Multi-Engine Training Package includes:

  • up to 7 hours of training if you are a current pilot.

  • One on one ground school with your instructor.

  • Thorough Pre and Post flight briefings.

  • Use of the Aztec for your 1 hour check ride.

  • All course material online.

  • Arrangements for your check ride will be made for you.

Check ride fee is an additional $500 and paid to the DPE.

Purchase a time building package to build the 25hrs. needed for the airlines when you schedule your multi-engine training and save $30 on the dual rate/hr.

Your view from above!

Your view from above!